Premium Grades:
asdfg Giubileo, ASE Deluxe

asdfg SO5 Competition

asdfg SO6

asdfg SO9

asdfg Express SSO6, 455


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Exalted Workmanship

Form, function and materials combine to create a unique masterpiece: the Beretta SO9. Details really do make the difference in this exquisite gun. Wood is selected from the world's finest forest sources. Barrels and actions are created from only the most durable, high-grade steel and alloys. Engravings are rendered by renowned master craftsmen and signed for posterity. Fit and finish are nothing less than flawless. What emerges is more than a mere gun for an individual shooter... but a one-of-a-kind firearm destined to be enjoyed for generations.

Gracefully Proportioned

The remarkable Beretta SO9 over-and-unders represent a melding of the world's most popular gauges (12, 20, 28 and .410) with the world's most prized engraving... brought together in the premier example of the Beretta Premium Grade. The true sidelock actions and receivers of each of the four available SO9 models are specific and proportioned to each gauge, matching the respective mechanical and ballistic requirements. Consequently, the shotguns are extraordinary elegant, perfectly balanced, functionally flawless and fully capable of providing excellent performance for generations to come.

Masterly Mechanics

Designed for decades of service, the Beretta SO9's advanced locking system is constructed with a double longitudinal bolt that engages internal Monobloc lugs in the receiver body. These are positioned above the upper barrel axis to minimize stress when firing, and to provide exceptional longevity. The fully functional side-locks are mounted on pins machined directly from the side plates, eliminating the need for through-pins. This also enhances the aesthetic appearance of the receiver and presents the master engraver an uninterrupted canvas on which to express his creativity. Upon request, the SO9's side plates can be fitted with removable thumb screws to enable quick, easy inspection and cleaning of the jewel-like internal mechanisms.

Precious Refinement

SO9 receivers and furnishings are exquisitely hand engraved by master craftsmen using the bulino or hammer and chisel technique and individually signed by the artist. Clients may have these customized, choosing from fine English scroll,
classic game scenes or even a special order custom engraving of their own preference.

Lasting Strength

The barrels of the SO9 are cold hammer forged from pre-bored bars of Boehler Antinit steel, ensuring absolute concentricity, light weight, exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. Even the insides of the barrels are polished to a mirror finish. Beretta's patented Monobloc system guarantees perfect barrel alignment and outstanding strength. The meticulous blueing process imparts a high-luster finish designed to endure through the years as the gun becomes a family heirloom.

A Shortgun Apart

Stocks of select European walnut briar are shaped, then hand-carved and carefully oil-finished. Extra fine-line hand checkering is then applied for exceptional appearance and a non-slip grip. The pistol or English stock and the fore-end are constructed and sized to the customer's specific requirements. A mechanical-type, non-selective single trigger is standard, although a classic double trigger may be installed at the customer's request. Every SO9 is supplied with a fine fitted leather case and a complement of maintenance tools and accessories.

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