Premium Grades:
asdfg Giubileo, ASE Deluxe

asdfg SO5 Competition

asdfg SO6

asdfg SO9

asdfg Express SSO6, 455


Shotguns for Connoisseurs

Wherever the shooting sports are practiced with experience and passion you'll find the hand-crafted SO6 Beretta Premium Grade shotguns, setting new standards of excellencein aesthetics and performance. The first-ever Beretta over-and-under emerged in 1933 and quickly acclaimed as the most prestgious and elegant shotguns worldwide. Since then, every aspect has been refined and improved: design, materials, safety, assembly, finish, engraving and, of course, performance. Only Beretta remains the one big manufacturer in the world capable of conserving and continuing the time-honored skills of master gunsmiths, producing true side-lock shotgun sought by connoisseurs for their beauty and uniqueness. Pick one up and you know it's special.

Beretta SO6EL - Elegant Simplicity

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For the hunter with the ambition to be one of the few true side lock Premium Grade shotgun owners, the SO6 EL is enriched by light English scroll engravings with flower bunches. An elegant leather case with maintenance accessories is supplied.

SO6 EELL - Exclusive Artistry

The SO6 EELLs are embellished with the finest hand engraving, signed by the author.. A variety of sophisticated scenes and styles can be executed to suit personal tastes and requirements, from floral motifs, to traditional game scenes, exotic subjects, fine English scrolls, mythological scenes,gold-inlaid animals... paying attention to the evolution of times and customs. For its stock and fore-end, the SO6 EELL uses only the finest walnut briarwood, selected for its color tones andsturdiness. The client determines the final dimensions, and the stock to receiver fit is completed with the utmost care. Side locks can be supplied
in a removable version with thumbscrews, facilitating quick, easy inspection of the finely crafted firing mechanism. The handsome leather carrying case with accessories is standard.

SO6 EESS - Extremely Refined

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Beretta's ability to blend the finest classic features with the most modern production methods has led to the development of a process that allows color to be applied to steel on the finest Beretta over-and-under. Combining the elegant, lightly opaque yet transparent enamel with the steel is difficult because the steel, although extremely strong, is sensitive to the extreme temperatures required for applying the enamel. An innovative new process developed by a renowned Italian goldsmith for use in jewelry production, and patented by Beretta for use on firearms, allows the enamel to adhere perfectly to the incredibly durable steel used for the action of the prestigious Beretta SO6 EELL. This fusion is obtained at a low temperature (normally below 100oCEELL. This fusion is obtained at a low temperature (normally below 100oC. / 232oF), thus does not modify the physical properties, durability or shape of the steel. The undulating arabesque engravings ("guilloche") add an elegant touch to the color without altering its transparency. In addition to the side plates, the hinge pins, top lever and grip cap of the shotgun feature colored highlights, and exquisite hand-made engraving enriches the non-colored metal. The S06 EESS can be ordered in Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald models.

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